The Amazon Friendly initiative was formed in 2004 when NU Fruits of the Amazon Ltd. set out to sell Amazonian products (and particularly the Amazonian superfruit, Açaí) around the world. At this time a promise was formed regarding how the company would and would not operate its business in the Amazon, with a focus to maintain or enhance the fragile social and environmental balance that exists in the region, and to employ principles of fair trade. This vision of how the company should operate has been captured into a brand promise complete with Amazon Friendly logo, a concept that the company is now trying to promote amongst other resource-based industries in the Amazon region.

The role of the Amazon Friendly initiative is not only to provide guidelines for companies to operate in manner that promotes sustainability in the Amazon, it also provides a means of making a promise to the end consumer that the product they buy adheres to these principles.

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  1. Resourced-based industry in the Amazon Region
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