ACAIMU Project

Currently the Amazon Friendly initiative is channelling funds into a privately owned school that is run purely through donations and local support. The ACAIMU school is located on the river island of Murutucu, in the state of Para. At this school 140 children are provided with an education that might otherwise have been denied to them due to the remoteness of their homes. The students are children of the families that harvest the Açaí berries on this island, as well as others within the community of Murutucu (which is inhabited by 108 families).

The children are transported to the school by boat, fed a meal, and given lessons in reading, writing, maths, environmental studies, home economics and crafts, and social living in the community. After school the children are once again fed, and returned home by boat. The children are also provided with emergency medical and dentistry assistance when needed, as well as clothing. The government provides no funds for this school, so it is run 100% from donations.

Through fundraising efforts by the Amazon friendly initiative so far, plans are now underway to commence the construction of a new school on the island that will increase the capacity for the number of students, as well as extending its facilities to include a library, computer room, kitchen, canteen, a doctor and a dentist room, as well as 4 school rooms.